5 Tips For A Quick Property Sale

An upcoming move, a divorce or the division of an inheritance: There are many reasons why you, as the owner, would like to sell your house quickly. With our tips you will find out how your house sale can be accelerated and how Integrity First Home Buyers can support you in your property sale. 

In some situations, owners need to sell their home immediately. The time it takes to sell a home can be significantly shortened with the right strategies. 

The following tips will help you prepare for this quick process:

Tip 1: Don’t Let Any Time Pressure Show

Do you want to sell your property quickly due to a divorce, inheritance or a career change? Then it is better not to inform your prospective buyers about this. If potential buyers notice that you are under time pressure, this may have a negative impact on their offer. 

This means that interested parties could then offer less than your property is actually worth because they know that a quick conclusion of the contract is important to you. How quickly a house can be sold also depends on your negotiating skills.

Tip 2: Sell your House Quickly: Create an Attractive Expose

Wondering how to sell your home quickly? An attractive expose is a key factor. With a meaningful expose you can convince prospective buyers of the advantages of your property. Think about how you can best present the advantages of the house and create an appealing headline. 

It is also important to provide a precise description so that potential buyers can see at a glance whether the property meets their requirements. When creating the expose, be sure to include a floor plan and all important key data such as number of rooms, year of construction and modernizations.

You should also take professional photos of the property for sale. Pictures that show the rooms in daylight are well suited. Make sure that the rooms are neat and tidy and that no private items are visible in the pictures. A perfect expose includes exterior photos that best show the house from all sides. Use the most beautiful photo as the cover photo if you want to sell the property quickly, as this will attract the attention of interested parties.

Of course, you should advertise the expose prominently. To do this, you should place appropriate advertisements on well-known real estate portals such as Immobilienscout24 in order to reach as many prospective buyers as possible.

Tip 3: Sell your House Quickly: Make Repairs And Improvements

How quickly you sell your house also depends on the condition of your property. It’s worth carrying out some repairs and beautification work before viewings to present the property at its best. Even if you have to invest money, the work usually has a positive effect on the purchase price of the property. In the end, the costs are paid off in the form of a higher sales price.

Take a look around your house: If the walls are already heavily used, a new coat of paint will look fresh and clean. A new coat of paint on windows and doors is also recommended. First impressions count if you want to sell your property immediately. So don’t just think about preparing the interior, but also bring the front garden and outdoor areas into good condition. 

Freshly cut bushes or a mown lawn make a garden look well-kept. It is important that the house and garden do not appear neglected. If you want to sell your home immediately, small renovations can speed up the selling process.

Tip 4: Make Sure You Have A Convincing Viewing Appointment

Plan the viewing appointments carefully and ensure that prospective buyers feel comfortable if you want to sell your house quickly. Ideally, you should clean thoroughly beforehand and bring everything to a high shine, especially in the bathrooms and kitchen. Remember to put away private things and create a positive atmosphere with some decorative objects such as a beautiful bouquet of flowers. 

Buyers can imagine themselves living in the property and you benefit from a quick property sale. A good piece of advice is to make coffee before the appointment to appeal to your potential buyer’s sense of smell. 

Tip 5: Have Complete Documents Ready

If you want to sell your house quickly, you should have all the documents that would be of interest to potential buyers ready. Complete documentation is a critical part of the sales process. Well-organized documentation can significantly speed up sales.

Checklist – These Documents Are Important For A Quick House Sale:

  • Layout
  • Living area calculation
  • Land register extract
  • Construction plans
  • Site plan
  • Energy certificate
  • Evidence of modernizations and repairs
  • Declaration of division for condominiums
  • Minutes of the last three owner meetings for condominiums

How quickly an apartment sells also depends on the careful compilation of the documents. Prospective buyers also need some documents for their real estate financing.