Best Bitcoin Mixers for 2023/24: Choosing the Right Path

Bitcoin mixers refer to services that perform the mixing of coins. They are also called tumblers or blenders. Mixing allows you to break the connection between the sender and the recipient in a transaction. This makes it possible to maintain anonymity on the Bitcoin blockchain.

What Is a Bitcoin Mixer?

Bitcoin has long ceased to be completely anonymous. For transactions, anyone can track the movement of funds and identify their owner. Therefore, many people prefer to take a break.

It is performed by the Bitcoin mixer. It is a tool for anonymizing coins. As a result, untraceable Bitcoins are generated at the output and it becomes extremely difficult to determine from whom exactly they are coming to the recipient’s account.

Today there are a lot of Bitcoin mixers. Finding the best option, where there will not be too high commissions, but there will be good security, functionality, and confidentiality, is very difficult. Therefore, we have selected several of the best, in our opinion, Bitcoin mixers.

Best Bitcoin Mixers 2023/24

Bitcoin mixer  Fees Min. amount Key features 0,4-5% 0,001 BTC
  • No recording of logs and no requirement for Know Your Customer (KYC) information 
  • State-of-the-art blending algorithms
  • Exceptional privacy ratings
  • State-of-the-art data encryption techniques
  • The industry’s most competitive fees
  • Peak operational capabilities 0,7-5% 0,001 BTC • Budget-friendly cost structure

• JavaScript-free alternative 0,5-3% 0,001 BTC • Reliable protective measures

• Abundant financial backing 1,5-5% 0,0015 BTC • Intuitive and responsive interface

• Multilingual accessibility 1-3% 0,001 BTC • Utilizing CoinJoin innovation

• Absence of stored logs


In our opinion, it is the best Bitcoin mixer. However, he is not that famous yet. We think in 2024 it will become extremely popular. The service provides innovative solutions for security, privacy and protection. The service has an active thread on BitcoinTalk, where it constantly communicates with users.

He is responsive to the wishes and ideas of the participants. Takes into account all their decisions and uses them in its service. This ensures a very high level of security and privacy.

The Bitcoin mixer uses 3 levels of protection. They reduce the risk of disclosing confidential user data to virtually zero. It also maintains a policy of no logs, verification or any personal information. All data that could link the user to the Bitcoin mixer is deleted automatically.

At the same time, the developers took into account that users will return for a new mixing of coins. Therefore, a Tumbler code is issued. It has cryptographic encryption. It contains data on deposits, discounts, coins and other parameters. The code is stored by the user until it is accessed again. After use, the system issues a new one with updated data. The service itself does not store anything, which eliminates the risk of hacking.

In addition, the Bitcoin mixer provides a guarantee for the provision of services. A Letter of Guarantee is provided for this purpose. The user needs to save it until the service is provided in full. If any questions arise, technical support will only help if there is a Letter of Guarantee that needs to be provided to them.

Details of the operation will be deleted no later than 24 hours after mixing. In other words, the service does not accumulate databases, but deletes them immediately. This minimizes the risk of theft and compromise. At the same time, the Bitcoin mixer also uses tools to protect against analytical services, such as DDoS-Guard.

These are not all the features of the Bitcoin mixer, here are a few more:

  • Hybrid mixing technology that no one else has.
  • Application of heuristic techniques for Blockchair.
  • 100% protection from analysts and their tools.
  • Deletion of all personal and confidential information.
  • The Letter and Tumbler code are encrypted from third parties.
  • Wide variability of commissions.
  • Having your own reserve of 500 BTC.
  • The minimum mixing amount is 0.0001 BTC.
  • Ability to specify up to 10 outputs.
  • You can delay leaving for up to three days.
  • Availability of a version of the site for TOR.
  • Provides theory and FAQ.
  • Website with adaptation and several languages. has developed a unique mixing technology. It is a hybrid of traditional methods and CoinJoin. This is a unique technique that provides an extremely high level of confidentiality.  TOR MIRROR:


A young Bitcoin mixer who has become quite popular. Has many positive reviews. Users are satisfied with its functionality and capabilities. It supports various types of cryptocurrency wallets and addresses.

Key features of the service:

  • Commission at 0.75%.
  • The minimum for mixing is 0.001 BTC.
  • There are no mixing limits.
  • Supports No-Log policy.

The mixer has a version for the TOR browser. The site is designed with simple and intuitive navigation. Therefore, it is quite easy for users to understand how to work with it.


A fairly old platform that helps maintain anonymity when conducting transactions on the Bitcoin blockchain. The service has a large reserve of its own coins in the amount of 2000 BTC. this means that it is independent of the number of participants in the mix.

The Bitcoin mixer offers the user a fairly low commission. It is 0.5%+0.0005 BTC. makes it possible to independently distribute coins between specified addresses. You can also set a delay for the transaction to exit the Bitcoin mixer.

Among the features, we highlight the following:

  • The minimum accepted is 0.001 BTC per mixing.
  • There are no mixing limits.
  • Works on smartphones.
  • Provides discounts.
  • Supports No-Log policy.

The service has its own thread on BitcoinTalk, where it actively communicates with users. It has a positive reputation and good privacy protection.


Also quite an old Bitcoin mixer. Supports No-Log policy. Has the function of automatically deleting data after mixing.

Key features include:

  • Additional income for users about the loyalty program.
  • Mixes instantly without user intervention.
  • Commission within 1.5-5% + 0.0003 BTC.
  • Only one confirmation is required to complete.
  • The minimum for mixing is 0.0015 BTC.
  • Flexible exit delay of up to three days.
  • There is an application on Android.
  • There is a version of TOR.
  • Website in 11 languages.
  • Protected from DDoS-Guard.

The service provides a code for re-mixing. However, it is stored in your personal account and is given only once. This carries privacy risks.


This Bitcoin mixer uses only CoinJoin technology. Its essence is that all transactions are combined into one common one. Afterwards, the coins are distributed to the specified addresses. As a result, it becomes extremely difficult to figure out who owned it, how much it belonged to, and where it was sent. Moreover, the more participants, the more difficult it is to calculate the owner of the transaction of interest.

In this case, the service uses additional tools, such as delaying the transaction or sending it to multiple addresses. An additional protection is the commission, which is set randomly. She has a range of one to three percent. However, it can have four decimal places. The miners’ commission is deducted from the user’s sent amount.

It is worth noting that this approach provides a higher level of protection. It is impossible to calculate the Bitcoin mixer based on the commission. This minimizes the risk of detecting a connection between a transaction and a user.

Among the features worth highlighting:

  • Minimum mixer accepts 0.001 BTC.
  • Supports No-Log policy.
  • Protected from DDoS-Guard.

The mixing code which contains the sensitive data is also provided here. It does not change over time, and therefore may carry risks.


What Is a Bitcoin Mixer?

The services may be different, but the essence is the same: mix the coins so that the user’s connection with the transaction is broken. Only mixers can provide complete anonymity on the blockchain.

There are different ways of mixing coins. Some involve splitting and shuffling, others are done by combining transactions. Each option has its pros and cons.

Where to Find the Best Bitcoin Mixer?

We are considering the following platforms:


What to Look for When Choosing the Best Bitcoin Mixer?

We recommend paying attention to several key parameters:

Reliability. The mixer should not have any unauthorized delays. Also, all functions must be performed in strict accordance with the stated parameters.

Commission. Each Bitcoin mixer sets it differently. It is better if it is optimal for you, but not fixed. And in the range. This will reduce the risks of mixer calculations.

Safety. The No-Log policy in this case is mandatory. The service must also use various data protection measures and delete them in a timely manner.

Functionality. In addition to the main functions of the mixer, pay attention to the addresses from which it sends. In practice, the least problematic are short-lived crypto addresses that change periodically.

How to Do Coin Mixing?

After selecting the optimal service, mixing is not difficult at all. For this:

  1. Fill out a request, indicating all the necessary parameters and options.
  2. Send Bitcoins to the specified address.

The note. On average, mixers charge 0.001-0.005 BTC as a commission. But don’t forget about the commission in the blockchain itself for miners.

What Are the Best Bitcoin Mixers in 2023/2024?

Bitcoin mixer  Fees Min. amount Key features 0,4-5% 0,001 BTC
  • No recording of logs and no requirement for Know Your Customer (KYC) information 
  • State-of-the-art blending algorithms
  • Exceptional privacy ratings
  • State-of-the-art data encryption techniques
  • Industry’s most competitive fees
  • Peak operational capabilities 0,7-5% 0,001 BTC • Budget-friendly cost structure

• JavaScript-free alternative 0,5-3% 0,001 BTC • Reliable protective measures

• Abundant financial backing 1,5-5% 0,0015 BTC • Intuitive and responsive interface

• Multilingual accessibility 1-3% 0,001 BTC • Utilizing CoinJoin innovation

• Absence of stored logs


Now Bitcoin is not anonymous due to various tools. However, users have the right to maintain their privacy. Bitcoin mixers help them with this. the transaction publishes too much information from which the user can be identified. Especially UTXO – the balance of unspent coins. This is what attracts the attention of attackers.

Some users still believe that Bitcoin mixers are illegal.  In reality, this has not been the case for a long time. Bitcoin mixers provide privacy to ordinary users who live honest lives.

Many analytical services analyze hacks and methods of coin laundering. According to reports, the share of participation of Bitcoin mixers in this fell in 2022 to less than one percent. This is logical since there are more anonymous decentralized exchanges where there is no single regulator. There, transactions are carried out through smart contracts, and no one can verify the receipt or output. Decentralized mixers do not comply with KYC policies, and therefore there is complete anonymity.

Mixers, in turn, prefer to use regular exchanges to replenish their reserves or update them. Therefore, all incoming coins can be checked for purity.

It is worth noting the importance of maintaining confidentiality with mixers since hackers and attackers can steal user data for their own purposes. Therefore, a Bitcoin mixer must have all the measures to protect users from hacker attacks especially if you’re going to be mixing large amounts.

At the moment there is no widespread ban on the use of mixers. After all, every person has the right to privacy and confidentiality. The exception is countries where cryptocurrencies are completely prohibited. In them, miners use mixers to maintain anonymity and not publish the balances of their funds in the blockchain account. These are safety principles.

Securing anonymity in Bitcoin transactions can be complex, and the growing necessity for dependable mixers is apparent. In the vast array of choices, emerges as the best Bitcoin mixer. Its cutting-edge technologies, unwavering commitment to user privacy, and ongoing engagement with the BitcoinTalk community highlight its steadfast dedication to delivering premium services.

Safeguard your financial privacy with – the optimal selection for secure and confidential Bitcoin transactions. Seize control of your anonymity and delve into the realm of cryptocurrency with assurance.

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