Black People: Challenging Materialism – The Struggle for Liberation and Equity in a Capitalist Society.




( I just can’t wrap my head around the fact that Black people don’t seem to want liberation. The fact that many of you love material things over the future of your progeny makes me think that perhaps this is part of the reason why the dominant society doesn’t take Black people very seriously. I couldn’t have a child in this society only to see that child murdered seventeen or eighteen years later whether by cop or peer or even a family member. Even now, I have a problem watching other people’s children get MURDERED or get railroaded by the criminal injustice system.

Often, I wonder how we are going to continue as a group in this country when we obviously don’t want to be liberated from a capitalist system that got most of you selling your body just to eat or got you pimping your children to sex traders/traffickers and other unsavory characters in the adult entertainment industry just so you can pay the rent, which will never be paid in full. There should be laws in place that mandate after twenty years of consistently paying rent, a reprieve (especially if you’re an older person) from having to continue paying rent each month should become a new Welfare policy for older Americans beginning in their 50’s and for those who have consistently worked, and paid their federal and state taxes. However, under this capitalist system, you’ll be a slave forever until the day you die.

And most of us are dying prematurely from stress-related illnesses or cancer-causing agents, which they’ve put in our food, drinking water, hair products, soap, toothpaste, and so forth. We’ve given up so much of our human rights to these economic tyrants that run our country and claim they’re doing a great job of running our country with a national opioid epidemic claiming the lives of so many in the dominant society. If you think the crack epidemic was bad, take a look at the current opioid epidemic. The numbers of opioid overdoses are being skewed to hide this crisis currently claiming the lives of so many young and middle-aged white men and white women who can’t even hold a job long enough because of their addiction to opioids. It is a national disgrace that the U.S. leads all other nations in drug addictions, overdoses, and suicides.

The question is why? Why has the government chosen to coddle these opioid addicts when they didn’t coddle Black people for the crack epidemic in the 1980’s. Coddling these opioid addicts are costing the federal government as well as state governments billions of dollars if not trillions each year. They incarcerated millions of Black men and Black women during the so-called Drug Wars. Many of them died in prisons all across this country at the hands of corrections officers and other inmates. But you see how they aren’t quick to incarcerate the opioid addicts.

Your love of money and material things will keep you and your future generations enslaved to a capitalist system. Making YouTube videos all day long talking about the number of shooting deaths by cops and other desperate, hopeless, and broke people in your neighborhood will continue to go unaddressed because the dominant society doesn’t take Black people seriously. They see that you can be easily bought off with just a couple million dollars after your son or daughter gets murdered by a cop. The majority of you will never see that kind of money working a regular nine to five. You are being exploited. They don’t pay us enough money to retire early and enjoy what remaining years we have left. The majority of us spend about 98% of our lives trying to survive and keep a roof over our head. Many don’t have good credit. Therefore, you become targets to loan servicers and banks whenever you want to purchase a house or car.

If you didn’t love money and material things so much, you may develop a revolutionary spirit. You may even take steps to collapse the system of capitalism. Capitalism is the vehicle that drives every other oppressive system in the world. You shouldn’t want to spend the majority of your life and labor for the sole benefit of another group while you die poor and leave nothing to your children. We use all our talents, physical assets, mental knowledge, stamina, and youth to benefit every other group except ourselves. They take our labor from us by economically exploiting us so they can make billions of dollars, and generate wealth for their future generations.

Over one hundred years ago, my ancestors were possibly sharecroppers who did all the heavy lifting but ended up with nothing. Their children doomed to live out their days working some J.O.B. and can’t even afford a vacation. Right now, most of you are dying from stress-related illnesses created by this stressful environment called America. Most of you are trying to figure out how you’re going to pay the rent, bills, car note, car insurance, taxes, health insurance premiums, childcare expenses, etc. Most of you are so tired from working sun up to sun down until everybody else around you suffers because of all the stress you’re under. There are some that can handle stress better than others. Some people are experts when it comes to handling stress. However, there are situations that become almost unbearable for many. Their work environment may be a hostile environment. It may be a racist environment. Or it could be an environment in which the management staff is your biggest problem.

Capitalism is a system that goes against our very nature, which is the need for freedom. As human beings, we should cherish freedom over tyranny. Capitalism is a system built upon enslaving others, bending people’s will to fit another’s agenda, and exploiting every ounce of talent, physical labor, and mental ability a person has to offer. Meanwhile, the average worker bee doesn’t benefit. You get to die poor. You get to suffer in your health, including mentally and emotionally. You will have nothing to leave your children. Your children will suffer long after you’re dead. Since you love money and material things over liberation, we all get to pay the price.

Staff Writer; Alberta Parish

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