CoinShares resolves on dividend distribution of £9.25M for FY2023

CoinShares International Limited, a European investment company specialising in digital assets, has resolved on dividend distribution of £9.25 million for financial year 2023.

The company has previously indicated a distribution to shareholders would be considered within the parameters of the newly adopted dividend policy.

Under the policy, the company intends to return to shareholders by way of annual dividend of between 20% and 40% of the Group’s annual total comprehensive income, excluding currency translation differences recognised within other comprehensive income. The annual dividend will be payable in SEK in four quarterly instalments via the Euroclear Sweden settlement system.

Consistent with the policy, the Board of the company today announces that it has resolved to declare and pay in four equal instalments an annual dividend in relation to the financial year ending 31 December 2023 of GBP 0.13 per ordinary share, amounting to approximately GBP 9,250,492, to be paid from the Group’s reserves.

The dividend to holders of ordinary shares will be made in sterling (GBP) and subsequently, before distribution to shareholders who hold ordinary shares via Euroclear Sweden, converted to SEK at prevailing rates at the time of distribution.