Euronext launches MyEuronext Portal for debt listing agents and issuers

Pan-European market infrastructure Euronext today announced the launch of the MyEuronext Portal.

This is Euronext’s new harmonised digital solution for debt listing agents and issuers. It is designed to streamline the submission of Final Terms and Pricing Supplements for bond listings.

The MyEuronext Portal serves as a comprehensive and efficient single-entry point for all listing agents and issuers, enabling seamless listing procedures across Euronext markets and asset classes, improving security and traceability.

Users of the MyEuronext platform benefit from dedicated customer support. In addition it will allow customers to scale up their issuing volumes while achieving operational cost reductions. The platform will offer multiple access options, including a user-friendly graphical interface, file transfer capabilities and API protocols, providing flexibility and convenience to users.

Also, Euronext today announced updates to the Euronext Global Exchange Market (Euronext GEM Debt) Rulebook for debt securities, and the successful launch of the MyEuronext Portal for debt listing agents and issuers.

Building on Euronext GEM Debt’s established reputation as the leading Multilateral Trading Facility (MTF) in Europe, the updated rules and new digital solution are designed to further streamline the pathway to listing and ensure transparent listing processes.

Euronext GEM Debt is already the trusted listing venue for over 31,000 bonds, and these enhancements will benefit more than 2,200 existing issuers, while also serving as an incentive to attract and welcome new issuers to the market. Simplifying access to the platform will further strengthen its attractiveness as a global debt listing MTF for international issuers.

Supported by invaluable feedback from debt capital market industry stakeholders, the updated Euronext GEM Debt rules represent an important step forward in Euronext’s ongoing efforts to enhance market accessibility and efficiency, facilitating listing.

The updated rules open Euronext GEM Debt to retail investors, broadening market participation and providing access to a diverse range of investment opportunities. To further accommodate sovereign issuers, specific exemptions have been introduced to simplify their listing process. A new provision allowing issuers to incorporate future financial statements by reference will streamline compliance requirements, while simplified continuing obligations will reduce administrative burdens and enhance efficiency.

Mathieu Caron, Head of Primary Markets of Euronext, said:

“Euronext is the world’s leading debt listing venue, with over 58,000 bonds listed. We are committed to continuously improving our market to meet the evolving needs of our participants. The new rules for our Euronext GEM Debt market and the launch of the MyEuronext Portal demonstrate our dedication to further enhance the competitiveness and appeal of our markets, through upgraded rules and new digital solutions that ensure secure, reliable, and efficient listing and post-listing services using cutting-edge technology.”