Tax Day Tirade: Donald Trump, National Security, and Hypocrisy in the Battle Over Presidential Immunity.


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( Greetings, everyone, and unhappy Tax Day; today is the day we send our hard-earned dollars to a federal government that cannot balance its checkbook. We are constantly berated about paying a fair share and incessantly pummeled with rhetoric about government investments, truly an oxymoronic reference—emphasis on moron. Now, I could go on and on about the insidious hypocrisy of sending our resources to a federal government that wastes it on ideological boondoggles, but that is not the point of this missive. There will be many others who will cover this absurd situation where we find the net interest on our debt now surpasses the amount we spend on our national security and defense.

And that is what I seek to discuss in this week’s offering.

Recently, some 19 retired military Generals and Admirals, along with former top civilian defense officials, filed an Amicus (Friends of the Court) Brief with the US Supreme Court. Their brief outlines their opposition to former President Donald Trump’s plea for immunity from prosecution for actions taken during his tenure as president. Now, get this: they believe that the SCOTUS granting of such poses a significant threat to national security. The SCOTUS will hear this case on April 25th. This group is warning that there will be threats to our national security and democratic principles if former President Trump’s claims of presidential immunity for official acts were to be accepted. Now, I just had to repeat the assertion of this group because you have to understand the sheer and utterly laughable hypocrisy they present. The money quote from their 38-page brief is, “Should the theory of absolute immunity prevail, it will risk jeopardizing America’s standing as a guardian of democracy in the world and further feeding the spread of authoritarianism, thereby threatening the national security of the United States and democracies around the world.”


No, you cannot make this stuff up. Here are folks, including some who were on the original laughable hypocrisy of the 51 intelligence officials who declared Hunter Biden’s laptop as Russian disinformation, saying that Trump is a threat to our national security.

How about Joe Biden selling off our Strategic Petroleum Reserves to our No. 1 geopolitical foe, China? Or how about undermining our very own oil and gas industry and reversing the path of our energy independence and dominance? Now we are begging hat in hand once again to those who seek the demise of our country. And just months ago, Biden signed an order to freeze our export of liquified natural gas (LNG), which forces more of our global allies to seek that resource from another geopolitical foe, Vladimir Putin and Russia.

I ponder if they would consider this to be a threat to our national security. Or the fact that Joe Biden abandoned over $80B of US military equipment to the Taliban in Afghanistan in a complete strategic, operational, and tactical debacle he praised as a success…to include the deaths of American Marines, Soldiers, and Sailors. How about the fact that Afghanistan is now, once again, a thriving base of operations for Islamic terrorist groups, namely ISIS-K, who just enacted a brutal terrorist attack in Russia? Any threat to our national and global security?

I wonder if these 19 retired Generals, Admirals, and senior civilian defense officials think opening up our borders to millions of illegal immigrants, including single military-age males, poses no threat to our national security? Heck, FBI Director Christopher Wray just testified to such not too long ago before Congress. Not to mention the hundreds of thousands of Americans who have lost their lives due to the chemical warfare agent fentanyl—which emanates from China. There can be no debate that it was Joe Biden and his unconstitutional 90+ executive orders that opened our border to invasion that’s a threat to our national security. I guess these delusional individuals just do not see it that way.

Biden has continued the decimation of our military readiness, capability, and capacity. Our force cannot meet recruiting and retention objectives…but hey, our Armed Forces know their proper pronouns, accept mentally disturbed gender dysphoric individuals and embrace cultural Marxism.

And authoritarianism?

What do you call it when you mandate what type of appliances, vehicles, and amount of water in toilets Americans can have? What do you call it when you weaponize the federal government agencies against your ideological opponents, like parents who want better educational opportunities, not indoctrination, of their children? What do you call it when you seek to designate said parents as “domestic terrorists,” kick in the doors of pro-life activists in the middle of the night and infiltrate the Catholic Church? But you say and do nothing when supporters of an Islamic terrorist group that killed and took Americans hostage on October 7th, 2023, take to our streets and chant “Death to America”?

I wonder if these 19 Generals, Admirals, and senior civilian defense officials agree with Joe Biden that no amendment to the US Constitution is absolute? Hey, those of you who signed onto this letter and took an oath to support and defend the Constitution, speak up, please! Or how about using the federal government in coordination with private sector tech information companies to censor the freedom of speech and expression of Americans? Is that not a threat to our democratic principles and Constitutional rights? I suppose the signatories of this Amicus Brief think it is perfectly fine to have illegals voting in our elections and count them in our census?

I think y’all reading this piece have now gotten the point. Once again, this is an utterly laughable hypocrisy that evidences the two-tiered system of justice, basically altering right and wrong in our Republic. These people who signed their names to this Amicus Brief are no friends of our Constitutional Republic, nor the TRUE American people. They are nothing more than politicized hacks, puppets, cymbal clanging monkeys who are the ones who pose a threat to the very existence of our country. They are the friends of the progressive socialist leftists and Marxists and shamefully have exposed themselves as such. Every one of them should be condemned.

But hey, I am a forgiving fella, and I will allow you, the treasonous and delusional 19, to withdraw your support for this Amicus Brief; you have 24 hours after the publishing of this piece. If you refuse to do so, then your names will go right there with Benedict Arnold, who was once a revered hero of our Revolutionary War…until his personal feelings became more important than our national interest.

Joe Biden, not Donald Trump, is the greatest threat to our national security and representative democracy. He is our biggest measure of authoritarianism. His fecklessness and weakness have brought the world to this point of global chaos and calamity. Anyone believing otherwise is in denial of facts and is aiding and abetting the assault on the foundations of our republic.

Remember, 24 hours y’all, and we know your names.

Columnist; Allen West

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