TradingView partners with Spotware to open the door for more brokerage integrations

TradingView has partnered with Spotware to leverage their combined frontend and backend capabilities to open the door for more broker integrations.

Spotware is an international technology provider with everlasting experience delivering solutions for traders and brokers. With over 150 employees in 10+ countries, it boasts a network of partners looking to enhance credibility and market share through Spotware technology.

At the core of Spotware’s offerings lies cTrader, a trading platform serving over 200 brokers worldwide and trusted by millions of traders. By offering cTrader, Spotware emphasizes its commitment to premium products that put traders’ needs and preferences at the forefront of its design.

The partnership has laid the foundation for systematically integrating the cTrader backend into the TradingView frontend for brokers powered by Spotware technologies. It makes the process easier for new partners to connect to TradingView and grow their business in a vibrant trading community.

This collaboration underscores a shared commitment to high-tech, integrated solutions that meet traders’ demands and drive business expansion for global broker partners.